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Vineyard, Alto Pass, Union Co.
Coal Overburden, Perry County
Elevator, Tuscola, Douglas Co. Grain Bins, Randolph Co. I-House, Shelby Co.
Bt Corn, Cum- berland Co.
Cemetary, St. Peter, Fayette Co.
Amish House, Douglas Co.
Industrial Landscape, Douglas Co.
Big Muddy River, Union Co.
Double Crib, Bement, Piatt Co. Relic Tree, Piatt Co.
Mississippi Bottoms, Union Co.
Prairie Storm, Shelby Co.
"D.B. Cooke & Co.'s railway guide for Illinois shewing all the stations with their respective distances connecting with Chicago." 1855 Locator dots added to original. UIUC Map Library
Winter Storm, McLean Co.
Abandoned Farm, Washington Co. Rend Lake Prison. Franklin Co. Salvage Yard, Union Co. Railroad Siding, Perry Co.
Archer Daniels Midland, Macon Co.
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